Awesome Wingsuit Flight

I have posted about wingsuit flights before (click here) – these guys are amazing! Take a look at the best video from Sploid:

Wow, this might be the best video of a wingsuit flight ever

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Videos of wingsuit flights are never not awesome but this one just might be the best. And it’s not because of the snow. Though the beautifully fresh powder helps. And it’s not because Dan Vicary,the flying man in the video, zips around for three miles. Though the astonishing views certainly don’t hurt. But it’s because when you’re watching the video, you realize that this is all being filmed by another flying man in a wingsuit. Someone is flying a few feet behind capturing every second of this flight.

That someone would be Brian Drake and the camerawork is beyond excellent. Usually we see the flight from their perspective or get shots from cameras that are far away or have footage that is a little bit shaky, it’s rarely as awesome like this. It feels like you’re flying with him the entire time. Watch it below on EpicTV.

Cute pics of a 10-month-old and a Puppy

Just too cute for words! I think you will love what PetaPixel shares with us:

Ten-Month-Old and Rescued Pup Make for an Adorable Portrait Duo

2014 04 15 0003 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

Two of the most aww-worthy creatures on this planet are infants and puppies. So, naturally, when you combine the two, you get one of the most adorable photo series in the known universe.

Captured by lifestyle photographer Grace Chon, this little duo of smiles is made up of her ten-month-old baby, Jasper, and her 7-year-old rescue dog, Zoey. The series, she tells My Modern Met, was a natural extension of her habit of dressing up her puppy:

I’ve always dressed up my dogs in silly costumes, so naturally when I had a baby I started collecting some hats for photos. One day, I put one on Zoey and I had the epiphany that baby hats look ridiculously adorable on dogs too! My sister had the brilliant idea of sitting them side by side in a photo. The response was immediate and I just kept going with it.

2014 04 15 0008 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

Chon explains that Zoey is the most shy in front of the camera, due in large part to a rough start as a mistreated rescue dog in Taiwan. The story, of course, has a happy ending because Chon ended up adopting her and, as is only right, Zoey has repaid her with copious amounts of love and a viral photo series.

She can be very afraid of new things, so I was surprised how much she took to wearing clothing. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it builds her confidence when she wears clothes. She does a happy dance when the props come out and she loves posing for the camera! Typically, when I work with dogs, I have to use a lot of treats to keep them motivated, but Zoey doesn’t need any of that. She’ll sit still very patiently and pose until we’re done.

2014 04 15 0007 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

As for her 10-month-old bundle of joy, Chon says Jasper is just a naturally happy baby who can’t stop smiling, whether or not a camera is present. “He’s been smiling for photos since the day he was born,” Chon explained to My Modern Met. “He’s used to smiling when the camera comes out and loves photo time. The entire shoot takes less than 5-10 minutes (I shoot really, really fast!) so once we’re done it’s off to crawling and exploring again.”

There’s not much text necessary to sum up the collection really. Cute images of a puppy and an infant really do speak for themselves. Below are a few more of the images in the collection:

2014 04 15 0006 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

2014 04 15 0005 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

2014 04 15 0004 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

2014 04 15 0002 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

2014 04 15 0001 Cute pics of a 10 month old and a Puppy

You can check out more of Chon’s work on her portfolio website. And if you’d like to keep up with the dress-up adventures of Jasper and Zoey, don’t forget to give her Tumblrand Instagram a follow as well.

(via My Modern Met)

What’s The Deal With Fats

This really is a confusing topic. From HealthPerch we get some clarification on

What’s The Deal With Fats?

fats header 1 1024x450 Whats The Deal With Fats

The days of the ‘No-Fat Nineties’ are far behind us, and yet the fat debate still seems to be two sided: good fats vs. bad fats. No matter what side you’re on, fats deliver Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to your diet that your body can’t normally produce on its own. And they’re important too—EFAs aid in brain development, skin health, eye sight, weight control, and more. Here’s the skinny on what you should eat, what you should avoid, and the best sources of the truly good stuff.


Monounsaturated fats—known as MUFAs to diet connoisseurs—are plant-based fats that, when eaten in moderation, can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. They happen to be found in some of the most delicious foods like avocados, olives, nuts and seeds, and even dark chocolate, so there’s no excuse NOT to fill up on this good fat. Monounsaturated fats are usually good sources of vitamin E, which studies show can do everything from prevent cancer, keep Alzheimer’s at bay, and even help fight aging.  But know this: all fats contain nine calories per gram, even the good ones, so try not to pour with a heavy hand if you’re watching your weight. fats 1 1 1024x427 Whats The Deal With Fats Polyunsaturated fats harbor the same health benefits as the chemically-similar MUFAs. But they also include omega-6 and omega-3, both essential for brain function, normal development, reduced risk of blood clots and lower levels of fat in the blood that your body doesn’t produce on its own. You’ll find plenty of polyunsaturated fats in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and trout, walnuts and sunflowers, and certain vegetable oils like soybean, corn, and safflower. fats 2 1 1024x427 Whats The Deal With Fats Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats should make up most of your daily fat intake which, according to the American Heart Association, should amount to 25-35% of your daily calories.fats 3 1024x349 Whats The Deal With Fats


Saturated fats on their own raise the level of cholesterol in your blood, which increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s no surprise that many foods that contain saturated fats are also high in cholesterol, so you might be giving your heart health the one-two punch without even knowing it. You’ll find it in meat, butter, ice cream, or any other source of animal fats, or in highly saturated vegetable fats like coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and cocoa butter. How can you tell if you’re dealing with a saturated fat? They’re usually solid at room temperature. Here’s the hard truth: while meats and dairy contain saturated fats, they still bring important nutrients to your daily diet, so try to keep saturated fat less than 7% of your total fat intake.fats 4 1024x349 Whats The Deal With Fats Trans fats don’t only hurt your heart—besides clogging your arteries, they’ve also been linked to certain cancers, and not to mention one of the biggest culprits of the obesity problem. In fact, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health believe eliminating trans fats from the American diet could prevent 250,000 heart attacks every year. Sure, you’ll find trace amounts in meats and full-fat dairy, but almost all the trans fats we consume come from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils that were solidified to extend their shelf life. Prime suspects include fast food, packaged foods like microwave popcorn, margarine, cookies and crackers, and even granola bars. Avoiding them all together is nearly impossible, so do your best to avoid packaged foods as much as possible and swap your tub margarine for olive or canola oil. fats 5 1024x349 Whats The Deal With Fats OIL FOR OIL Clean up your cooking with these five healthy fat alternatives INSTEAD OF: VEGETABLE OIL EAT: OLIVE OIL Make like the Mediterraneans do and start cooking with olive oil, the quintessential MUFA and the easiest way to up your intake of the good fats that promote anti-aging and good heart health. Olive oil is also full of healthy antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenols. Its smoke point tops out at 400 degrees, making it great for sautéing, salad dressings, dips, and sauces. Beware: light and air can affect the taste and possibly health-promoting nutrients of olive oil, so be sure to store it in a dark, room-temperature cupboard or the refrigerator.fats 6 1024x427 Whats The Deal With Fats   INSTEAD OF: SALAD DRESSING EAT: WALNUT OIL Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this nutty oil is perfect for livening up homemade salad dressings and adding a rich finishing touch to cooked veggies. Walnut oil also harbors a healthy amount of omega-9 (important for artery health) and omega-6 fatty acids—just be sure not to use it at too high a temperature. INSTEAD OF: BUTTER OR MARGARINE EAT: COCONUT OIL Coconut oil is made up of approximately 90% saturated fat, but research suggests it’s actually metabolized in the body like unsaturated oil, most likely because it comes from a plant and not an animal. It’s a good substitute for butter especially in vegan diets due to its texture. It’s also commonly used as a skin-softening beauty remedy.fats 7 1024x427 Whats The Deal With Fats INSTEAD OF: PEANUT OIL EAT: GRAPESEED OIL Grapeseed oil can withstand temperatures up to 485 degrees, making it a great choice for grilling, frying, and baking. It has a light, neutral flavor, so it won’t overwhelm even the most delicate of dishes, and it’s chock full of antioxidant-rich vitamin E—which most of us don’t get enough of in our daily diet.fats 8 1024x427 Whats The Deal With Fats INSTEAD OF: PROCESSED ASIAN FLAVORING EAT: TOASTED SESAME OIL High on polyunsaturated fat, a little goes a long way thanks to sesame oil’s strong taste. Skip the takeout menu and use this healthy oil in Asian-style cooking, such as stir frying or seasoning sauces. “What’s The Deal With Fats?” on Health Perch

The Boneyard Timelapse

I’ve driven by “The Boneyard” and it is a spectacular site! Viewing from Google Earth is cool too! Here is an awesome timelapse:

Boneyard from Andrew Arthur Breese on Vimeo.

Commonly referred to as the “Boneyard,” the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., contains about 5,000 retired military aircraft throughout 2,600 acres. Crews at the Boneyard preserve aircraft for possible future use, pull aircraft parts to supply to the field, and perform depot-level maintenance and aircraft regeneration in support of Air Force operations. (U.S. Air Force video/Andrew Arthur Breese)

Music by Anthony Phillips, Licensed through Killer tracks.

A 20-Gigapixel Treasure Hunt

This is really cool and fun! An interactive view of the gorgeous Seattle city – try to find the artists (one hint: check the grass below the Space Needle – zoom in)! From GeekWire:

A 20-Gigapixel Treasure Hunt: Microsoft Research project highlights Seattle artists

Gigapixel ArtZoom 1024x627 A 20 Gigapixel Treasure Hunt


When Microsoft Research produced its first gigapixel panorama of Seattle’s skyline in 2006, it was an amazing success in image compositing. But there was still something missing.

“Although the panorama was beautiful, it struck us upon exploring the image that there were hardly any people to be found,” explains Michael Cohen, a Principal Researcher in MSR’s Interactive Visual Media Group, in a blog post. “Whenever we discovered a person in the panorama, we were excited to think about who that individual was and why they were there. It was fun to spend hours exploring this single image. But we always wished there were more interesting things to find.”

When they revisited Seattle’s panoramic views, the MSR staff wanted to make sure that they added a bit of humanity into their work.

The result is Gigapixel ArtZoom, a gigantic, 20-gigapixel panorama of Seattle dotted with artists, performers and their works. Shot from the top of the Bay Vista condominium building, it lets users explore the streets and open spaces of Seattle to find local artists and performers, along with biographies and statements about the works on display. Contributions to the image include dance performances, art cars and acrobatic displays.

To get the final image, Microsoft Research staffers shot the artists using long telephoto lenses from atop the building over the course of several sessions in October, and then stitched them into an existing 20 gigapixel panorama shot from the same location using the company’s Image Composite Editor software. After months of work, users can now explore the fruits of their labors.

A hint you’re exploring the image: Most of the artists are near city landmarks.

For people who aren’t willing to patiently comb through the entire panorama for glimpses of the artists, there’s also a page that collects all of them whose contributions are included in the piece.

Here are a couple of videos showing how MSR managed to pull it all off:

pixel A 20 Gigapixel Treasure Hunt