How to get from Point A to B – Rome2rio

This is a cool app and website. It tells you the options of getting from one place to another. From Wayfayer:

Rome2rio Shows All Your Transportation Options Between Two Locations

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Web/iOS: If you aren’t sure how to get between your home and your next travel spot, Rome2rio can help. It’ll show you different transportation options, travel times, and price estimates.

Simply input your departure and destination info, and Rome2rio displays all of your travel options. It also lists attractions nearby your destination and suggests hotels, too. Rome2rio offers both a web site and an iOS app. Give it a try yourself via the link below.


Angel City

This is “my” city and I love timelapses. Well done!

ANGEL CITY from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.

Shot by Gavin Heffernan / Music: HEAT by Elliot Goldenthal.
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Looking to beef up my Los Angeles timelapses, I rented a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II Lens from BorrowLenses.comand spent September 4th-11th shooting in a series of epic vantage points with two Canon 6Ds. The light of the latest “Supermoon” provided incredible extra definition in the darks of the city panoramas, while also giving some great separation to the skyscrapers.

Since we’re only 452 days away from the 20th anniversary of one my favorite movies HEAT, I set it to one of the soundtrack songs, an incredible piece of music by Elliot Goldenthal. The cityscapes of HEAT inspired me to make movies long ago, so it was a special treat looking down on LA from some similar angles to the classic Michael Mann film. I finished the edit with a few city captures from previous shoots and here’s the result! Motion control shots Stage Zero and others using 5K QT Panning.

Stills Available for Download at FLICKR:

Special Thanks: John C. Brookins, Briana Nadeau.
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Selected Shots Available for Stock Footage Licensing/Purchase:

The Bay Area

I love the Bay Area. This is a very cool video!

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz to the Bay Lights at night, see the Bay Area’s most iconic locations like you’ve never seen them before. Shot in 4K/”Ultra-HD,” Teton Gravity Research presents the first footage from their new RED Epic-equipped gyrostabilized camera platform: The GSS C520. The GSS C520 is a portable 5-axis system that houses a range of leading digital cinema cameras, like the Epic and Sony F55, while also capable of integrating future advancements in camera technology.

Directed by: Todd Jones
Aerial DP: Carston Bell
First AC: Brian Wulf
Editor: Blake Campbell
Produced by: Teton Gravity Research

Music: “Nero” by Two Steps From Hell

To Rent or Buy Housing?

I get asked this question frequently. Thanks to the NYTimes, there is a cool interactive web page that helps to answer

Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

Build a Healthy Salad

This is a great infographic on 8 easy steps to creating a healthy salad. Details from Cleveland Clinic:

8 Ways to Make a Super Healthy Salad (Infographic)

Experiment with flavors, textures and colors

Want to discover a simple, delicious way to get your four servings of vegetables per day? Fix a salad. Start with the right kind of greens. Choose from a broad range of veggies – or even fruit – to add color, texture and flavor. Include a healthy source of protein to satisfy your appetite. Then top it off with heart-healthy dressing. Below are tips for creating healthy, beautiful salads you can celebrate.

14 HHB 265 Build a Salad Infographic FNL Build a Healthy Salad

Amsterdam in Motion

If you have never been to the awesome city, this video will give you a taste!

My latest In Motion film has just come out check it out at

Amsterdam in Motion was commissioned hyperlapse of Amsterdam filmed through November and December of 2013. Featured in the film are a number of exhibitions from the cities annual Light Festival ( The second in my ‘In Motion’ cityscape series. My First, Bath in Motion is here (

Music by Perséphone – Retro Funky (SUNDANCE Remix)

Thank you to Arthur Van Ree, (boat hire), Joram Ruitenschild and Gino Rivera.

This film marks the start of an exciting partnership with my new sponsor, the company that makes the motorised slider I use, and which i throughly recommend.

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pixel Amsterdam in Motion