Take control of your lens cap!

A couple of ideas for keeping track of that pesky lens cap!

From Lifehacker:

Losing a camera lens cap is no fun; not only are you temporarily without protection for your lens, but they’re surprisingly expensive to replace. This DIY cap holder will keep your cap close at hand.
Some camera lens caps have a tiny lanyard to attach the cap to the body of the camera, but more often than not lens caps have no such retention mechanism. You can craft one really easily using an empty bottle of shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, or other common bottle made from HD-PE plastic—often labeled with the recycling logo with a 2 in the center—it’s soft and easy to cut.
At the design site Benvolo, they’ve put together a tutorial for turning HD-PE plastic scrap into a little cap-keeper for your cameras. You’ll need an empty bottle of an appropriate plastic, a razor knife, a hole punch or drill—definitely a drill if your cap doesn’t already have some sort of anchor point—and some 3/32th inch elastic cord. Check out the site for step by step photos and a printable template to help you cut out the basic shape.

From Instructables:

(spoiler alert – this uses Velcro!!! YAY!)

Take control of your lens cap!

I like having the lens cap on a leash so it doesn’t get lost but it can also get in the way when it’s swinging around. Here’s a solution that is crazy-easy.

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