Computer Vision Syndrome: Do Your Eyes Have It? Here’s Help

Protect your eyes! Check here for a quick vision test too.
(click on the infographic below to make it larger since it is probably too small for even people with perfect vision! You may have to click on it a second time if you see a little magnifying glass):

From Mashable:

Feeling bleary-eyed after a long day in front of your various screens? Here’s an infographic full of tips and techniques to ease your eyes into the digital world, showing you ways to cope with staring into screens all day.

If that’s not enough, the infographic gives you a peek at present and future tech that will make your eyes positively bionic, as well as new devices doctors are now using to diagnose eye problems much more efficiently than ever.

This must be getting bad — Those Acronym-Making People (TAMP — okay, I made that one up) have created one for the eye health problems that ensue after staring at screens for an average of six hours per day: CVS, or Computer Vision Syndrome.

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