Gmail for iPhone and iPad Returns to the App Store with Fewer Issues

If you use an iPhone and you use GMail, you should take a look at Google’s 2nd attempt at a native app. Should be good to go this time!

From Lifehacker:

iOS: We were excited when the native Gmail client was announced for iOS, but the app turned out to be a bit of a buggy disappointment. Specifically, it had a startup bug that displayed an error message and broke notifications, so Google decided to pull it from the App Store. Now that a few weeks have gone by and the dust has settled, Gmail is back and ready for download again. Google promises a better experience this time around, and plans to add many of the features suggested from its users (e.g. multiple account support and improved notifications). So far the only difference is that the show-stopping bug is gone. The rest of our original disappointment still applies. The app is available right now, for free, so go grab a copy. If you downloaded the original and didn’t delete it, you’ll need to remove it or at least log out of the app before updating for the changes to take effect.

Gmail | iTunes App Store via Google Mobile Blog

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