A little Pinterest in your Instagram | Pinstagram

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Now THIS is cool! Take a look at what these two guys rolled together over a weekend – they married two of the hottest digital startups and created Pinstagram (Instagram and Pinterest). Very cool way to surf your Instagram pictures on the web (I had been using Webstagram, but this is way cooler!) NOTE: Pinstagram very new so it might have some little bugs..

Introducing the best way
to enjoy Instagram on the web


A little Pinterest in your Instagram | Pinstagram

What is Pinstagram?

Pinstagram is a free service that lets you enjoy Instagram on the web.
Pinstagram works seamlessly with your Instagram account.

Pinstagram lets you view your feed, popular photos, and more. Pinstagram is a work in progress and we appreciate your comments and feedback.

About Pinstagram

Pinstagram was created by Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo as a weekend project. The two were jokingly throwing around ideas and thought a Pinterest for Instagram would be a funny concept. What would happen if you combined the two of the fastest growing, and hottest web properties?

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