Glowing jar project

These look really cool! And actually sound easy to make – just Mason jars and glow paint. Might try this soon…..from {panka} with love:

Glowing jar project

© Tulipanka Photography

Since the above image is one of my ‘most famous’ photos, I’ve got a lot of requests on how I made these glowing jars. So, I decided to do a step-by-step tutorial for you. I hope it’ll help to get yourself jars like these. 🙂 The big ‘secret’ is about to unreveal. [sorry for the poor setting up of these images. I’m definetely not a tutorial-shooting guru.


I have a lot of mason jars. Small ones and bigger ones, but I think, big jars look more cute, and magical. It took me a long time to paint the middle jar (about 5-6 hours). Be careful with the paint, it’s waterproof, so after it dried you may not be able to remove it from your clothes and furnitures. Be sure to wash your brush after using it with this paint!


(For US webshops thanks for Emma Lysyk, Sarah Chabisek- Schulte & Sarah Perrin. Thanks for the EU webshop to Cenzi)


1. Wash your jar(s), and mix the paint with your brush to have the glowing particles evenly dissolved.

2. Make tiny dots in the inside of the jar. The more dots you make, the prettier the jar will look.

3. You’re done. It’s this easy. In daylight your jar won’t look that fancy, but at night… it will make your room beautiful and cozy. Charge it with a lamp or with daylight and take it to a dark place!

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  1. Where did you get the paint thats shown in the picture?

  2. Here are three options depending upon where you are located:

  3. I was wondering how to get the Poli-Glo? When I click on the site FN-DECO and i go to purchase the Poli-Glo paint it will not allow me to put in United States for my billing and shipping…someone help…But Idid click on the other sites that it gives..for example “CoolGloW” I see all the different kinds of paints..which one should I get for the project to get the best effect? Can anyone help me please? Thank you 🙂

  4. How long does the glow last?

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