HP Printer Commercial – Evian Babies – Brand New Key

Pretty, pretty cute! (Thx Mom for finding this!) I smiled the whole time!

This is actually an HP Printer  & Evian Water commercial.  But, there are only a few seconds  which actually bring attention to the HP printer & Evian  water.  The bulk of the commercial is purely entertainment.   And, IT IS AMAZING!  I don’t know how they do this kind of stuff,  but it is flawless.  It is so perfectly done that I could not  find one thing that would make you think it wasn’t real if you didn’t  know any better.

HP Printer Commercial mixed with Evian Babies to Brand New Key / ive got a brand new pair of roller skates: HP Printer Commercial – Evian Babies – Brand New Key – Widescreen 16:9 – YouTube

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