Water bottle bubble fun

I know my grandkids always enjoy bubbles – here is a great idea to use a water bottle to blow bubbles! From ProjectsForPreschoolers:

Did you know you can blow bubbles with just a simple single serving water bottle? We played with 3 different variations using just water bottles and a dish soap/water solution. Sometimes preschoolers have a hard time blowing bubbles with traditional bubble wands. The wands can get slippery and difficult for little hands to hold and blow. Try using a water bottle to make bubbles and you can explore all kinds of sizes and bubble fun.

Making bubble solution:

Add about 1/4 water to 1 table spoon dish soap in a small container. Make sure the container has a flat bottom and is bigger in diameter than the water bottle you will be using. Mix together. Do not over mix, this could cause bubbles in the solution which makes it more difficult to use for blowing bubbles.

Making water bottle bubbles

blowing bubbles with a plastic bottle

blowing bubbles with a plastic bottle

Bottle Bubble Blowing Method 1

Dip the mouth opening of a standard plastic water bottle into the bubble solution. remove and squeeze bottle gently. The air from inside the water bottle will push through the top and soap creating a bubble. You can then blow the formed bubble off the top of the bottle. If you squeeze quickly enough, sometimes the bubbles will detach and float away.

water bottle bubble blowing

water bottle bubble blowing

Bottle Bubble blowing Method 2

Cut off the bottom of the water bottle, making sure the cut is clean and even. Dip cut end of bottle in bubble solution. Blow through the mouth of the bottle to create bubbles at the end of the bottle. This method of bubble blowing does not allow for bubbles to float/fly away, they usually pop off the end of the bottle.

more bubble blowing with a plastic bottle

more bubble blowing with a plastic bottle

Method 3

Cut a small hole at the bottom edge of the water bottle, this will become a mouthpiece for blowing bubbles. Dip the bottle mouth into the bubble solution and then blow through the hole you created.

We only tried these bubble blowing methods with a single serving sized water bottle. However, they should work with larger bottles such as 1 liter soda bottles, creating even bigger bubbles!

For more fun, decorate your water bottle bubble blower, personalizing it for your very own.

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