Urban Gardens Suspends From Windowsill

So clever! I enjoy how they describe the entire process of creating a Windowsill Garden in multiple ways. From Make and UrbanGardens:

Thinking Outside the Window Box: Urban Garden System Suspends From Windowsill

Urban Gardens Suspends From Windowsill

When space is at a premium, necessity becomes the mother of invention: this hanging urban garden uses the air space outside a window. For urban gardeners and farmers without land, terraces, or balconies, Paris-based design/architecture firm Barreau&Charbonnet reinterprets the hanging garden concept with,Volet Végétal, a drawbridge-like suspended urban garden.

Volet Végétal mounts against a windowsill then, with a pulley system, extends out about five feet, then lowers to a horizontal position and back up again.


Integrated planter boxes fit into pivoting frames to prevent plants from falling out as the Volet Végétal is moved from the vertical to horizontal position.

The complete system is easily removed from the window and brought inside to become a free standing vegetable garden–just add some grow lights for use indoors.

Volet Végétal will be on view from May 31 to June 3 at the Paris urban garden show, Jardins Jardin, which Urban Gardens will be covering: check back here to see what is trending in urban gardening from Paris.

Volet végétal from Barreau&Charbonnet on Vimeo.

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