Where Are Your Mobile Manners?

This is near and dear to my heart – where have our basic manners gone?!? Especially cellphone etiquette! It is almost too much these days – take a look at this from Mashable:

Good manners have gotten a whole lot more complicated. Gone are the days of please, thank you, pardon me — the mobile takeover has spawned bathroom phone calls, mid-sex texts and behind-the-wheel browsing. Emily Post did not prepare us for this.

Online College collected data and created this infographic about mobile bad manners. We think you’ll blush at how relatable these stats can be. Among them, aMashable favorite: 10% of people under 25 admit to texting during sex.

Even more unsettling are the statistics of the bathroom variety: 247.5 million cellphones have visited the bathroom. A fifth of those have seen the inside of a toilet, and studies show that 16% have traces of fecal matter. Consider that the next time you pick up a phone call near a plunger.

With this information, let’s make a wager: How many people do you think are reading this in the bathroom right now? Let us know in the comments.

Where Are Your Mobile Manners?

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