How to Pit a Plum in Under 10 Seconds

  • SumoMe

Wow – that looks like an easy way to pit a plum – from Chow:

This technique for pitting plums from Spring Warren, author of The Quarter-Acre Farm, will come in handy when you need plums for pies, chutneys, tarts, or just eating!

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  1. I was JUST wondering this since I had gotten a bunch of plums in my Farm Fresh fruit box last week. Thank you for this post. The video is so helpful. You’re on a roll. As always, I’m loving the content on DLT. 🙂

  2. Ha! Twofer-Two! YAY! It’s ‘cuz of the wonderful FarmFresh that YOU encouraged us to enjoy that made me look for a solution to those pesky plum pits! 🙂 So the THANKS go to YOU!

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