Treating cracked heels

Another great idea for helping those cracked heels (here was a different method: How to Get Dry Skin Off The Bottom of Your Feet)! Be sure to read about not doing this more than once a week though! From NurseSuzy:

Treating cracked heels

Because of the footwear we use, it is very easy to get cracked heels during the summer months. Some people also develop a dirty, black layer of skin on their feet.

I have an easy suggestion to treat these conditions, but first a word of caution: If you have diabetes, you need to be extra careful when it comes to the health of your feet. Consult your doctor for any treatment you want to try. If you do not pay attention to your foot health you run the risk of life and limb.

Treating cracked heels and blackened feet

An easy six-step solution:

  1. Put shaving cream on your feet.
  2. In a bucket or sink, combine equal parts warm water and Listerine.
  3. Soak a small hand towel in the solution of water and Listerine.
  4. While the shaving cream is still on your feet wrap the wet hand towel around your feet and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, use the towel to rub your feet. Some of the calloused and discolored skin will rub off.
  6. Apply a healthy amount of lotion to your feet.

After your foot bath, is it a good idea to spend at least 5 minutes drying your feet. You want to make sure you do not put your socks and shoes on with your feet still wet or damp (this can cause bacteria growth and infection). Use a towel to pat your feet dry and be sure to get in between the toes.

Also, give your feet a break from sandals (don’t wear them every day) and apply lotion to your heels nightly to reduce cracking.

You can only use this method once a week or your feet will become very sore. Remember, this technique literally takes off a layer of skin.

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