Recently Hired? Take part in a short research survey on new work experiences.

This is a cool way to help a study working on figuring out newcomers’ integration into new organizations. PLUS you get a great chance at winning a gift card! Details from my friend Courtney:

What was your newcomer experience like? Organizational Entry and New Hires’ Experiences

When individuals change jobs or enter the workplace in their first career job, they have a lot to figure out– their job, co-workers, organizational structure, workplace norms…  but how?  This study examines how newcomers make sense of their new workplace, communicate with their co-workers and identify with their previous and current work organizations.

Want to participate?

  • Did you start a new full-time job?
  • Were you hired within the last three months?

If you answered YES to both questions, please click here to take the survey.
(Suggested browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.)

For a limited time, we’re giving away $15 Starbucks or gift cards to 20 lucky participants in exchange for 20 minutes.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

More Information about the Study

The purpose of the study is to understand newcomers’ integration into new organizations.  If you decide to participate, we will ask you questions about your attitudes toward previous and current work organizations, and how you are learning about your new job, organization, expectations, and work environment.  The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

You will not be asked for identifying information. Your participation is completely voluntary and you may stop your participation at any time.

While there is no direct benefit to you anticipated from your participation in this study, this research can greatly benefit those with prior work experience to better understand how they are socialized into new organizations and organizations can better address the needs of those with prior full-time work experience.

Your participation is completely voluntary and confidential.  No one at your work organization will know whether or not you participated or how you individually may have responded to any given question.  In addition, the data we collect will not be linked to your identity in any way.  No one from your organization will see your completed survey.

If you have any additional questions about this research project, please contact Courtney Davis.

Ready to participate?  Take the survey!

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