Most Expensive Home Movie Ever: A Phantom Flex Summer Story

Oh WOW! This is amazing footage! What would you do if you could use a $300,000 camera for an afternoon? This has been tagged as the most expensive home movie ever made!

A Phantom Flex Summer Story from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.


So what do you when you have a day off and a $300k camera package sitting at your house? Invite all of the neighborhood kids and throw a water balloon party of course! Duh!

As summer coms to an end and Autumn begins, kids go back to school and dream of warm days filled with laughter and joy. This short film is a reflection of that dream. Shot with a Phantom Flex it captures the magic of the moment. With frame rates of up to 2564 fps at 1080p we see every detail, every smile and every sparkle in the kids eyes. And that is where the magic lies. Within the hopes and dreams of our children.

Phantom Flex
Zeiss super speed glass
Canon 5DMKII
Canon L series glass
100 pack multi colored water balloons
Water hose
Wham-O Slip N Slide
15′ Trampoline with enclosure
Seedless Watermelon
Broom handle
Gaff tape

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