$5 dollar ribbon organizer

What an easy and clever idea. And timely too as we are upon one of the busiest seasons to wrap things! Take a look at this

Ribbon Organizer

details from Spunky Junky:

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Today has been one of those rat race days where I am now just eating lunch and writing a post…it’s what I call multi-tasking along with unthawing dinner, doing loads of laundry, and allowing Punk to entertain himself in my baking sheet cupboard.

Today’s tutorial is so simple I think Hunk could even do it. HA!

First thing you need to know…I have this habit of buying ribbon. I mean I have a lot of ribbon. I usually end up taking it off the spool and shoving it all in clear containers. That ususally turns into a disaster. When I try to retrieve a specific strand of ribbon I end up pulling all the of out, and then I spend more time untangling my mess then actually doing my project.

I have even tried the hanger trick where you undo a metal hanger and then slide the ribbon rolls onto the straight part–the ribbon would always be hanging down or it would unwind on its own.


So I finally decided to tackle my ribbon once and for all. And this is what I came up with…

$5 dollar ribbon organizer
For this project you will need:
*slotted tupperware bin (I found mine in the organization/storage section of Walmart).
*1/4 inch dowel rod (can be purchased at any hardware or craft store). 

I then inserted each ribbon spool onto the rod. Once I had enough spools on the rod I then stuck each end of rod into the holes on each side of the bin.

Like so…Isn’t that cool?

Then I pulled each ribbon end through a hole on the front. Now the spools can’t roll and I don’t have to worry about a tangled mess.

  • Bin: $3
  • dowls: $.12 (clearance)
  • My mental state: sane and gleeful 😉
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