Awesome Wife Recreates TV Show Opening Credits for Her Husband’s Birthday Gift

This is pretty cute!

Animator Leigh Lahav gave her husband Oren a wonderful birthday present that should warm your hearts: she recreated the opening credits of famous TV shows but remixed them to include all of his family and friends as cast members. If you watched a television in the past five years, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Can you name all the TV shows Lahav recreated? Her list includes: Mad Men, Arrested Development, Lost, 30Rock, New Girl, Curb Your Enthusiasm and more. Gotta love a couple who watches fun TV shows! Gotta love a wife who gives this to you as your present! What does Leigh’s husband Oren have to do to top this? I think recreate famous last scenes of TV series.


A compilation of re-created TV show intros/opening themes centered around my hubby Oren’s life, for his birthday.
The shows, which I of course own non of and hold no rights to, but totally wish I did:
Mad Men
Arrested Development
The Office
Curb your enthusiasm
Adventure time
New Girl
2 Broke Girls
Community (credits)
Gracie Films logo (or rather, “The SHH lady”)

Credits by intro

Mad Oren
Character animation – Leigh Lahav
After effects- Or Paz

Normal development
Editing and Graphics- Leigh Lahav

OREN/LOST- Noam Raby

Camera- Leigh Lahav and Tom Trager
Editing- Leigh Lahav
After effects- Or Paz

“Oren”/Frasier- Tom Trager and Or Paz

The Laser Club
Camera- Gal Kaldess
Editing- Leigh Lahav

Curb your Oren…ism- Leigh Lahav

Birthday Time
Animation- Leigh Lahav
Graphics/Backgrounds- Tom Trager

New Leigh
Camera- Or Paz
Editing- Leigh Lahav
After effects- Gal Gruper

Gracie films/Happy birthday- Leigh Lahav


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