Hope Heals: The Story of Katherine & Jay Wolf

This is something very near and dear to me and is an important message for everyone to see and hear!

Take a look at this amazing story in the new short film about Jay & Katherine Wolf and their incredible journey:

Hope Heals

In the years following the stroke, we received so much comfort and hope in the midst of our pain that we couldn’t help but share that hope with others–thus came “Hope Heals”.  What’s most amazing is that in the process of giving hope and sharing our lives with others, we have gotten back even more hope in return.
We created the “Give Hope/Get Hope Campaign” as a tangible expression of that beautiful cycle.  Like any beloved gift, hope cannot just be kept hidden away to one’s self, it must be shared.
In the coming weeks and months, we will debut several different creative projects and collaborations under this larger umbrella.  Stay tuned!

Our Short Film — Hope Heals

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