AT&T Plans to Sell Anonymous Customer Analytics

Where will it stop? Everyone is tracking/spying on us! Now it is AT&T and Mac|Life has the details and ways to opt out (I already opted out for my Family):

AT&T Plans to Sell Anonymous Customer Analytics, But You Can Opt Out

AT&T manage your privacy choices

Just ahead of the long holiday weekend, a report outed AT&T’s plans to begin selling anonymous customer location and usage data — but thankfully, the plan comes with a parachute for those who want to bail out.

Last week, Fierce Wireless reported on AT&T’s intentions to sell anonymous user data to other businesses, which may or may not include “customers’ wireless and Wi-Fi locations, U-verse usage, website browsing, mobile application usage and ‘other information.'”

If those plans sound familiar, that’s probably because Verizon Wireless already does the exact same thing, and other internet companies like Facebook and Google are equally guilty as well. The difference with AT&T is the company plans to serve up wireless, television and Wi-Fi usage data, making the move a potentially much bigger deal.

Thankfully, AT&T customers have the option to opt out of one or all such attempts to sell your anonymous usage data:
“Our External Marketing and Analytics Reports contain anonymous information about groups of our customers,” the company’s page for managing privacy for External Marketing & Analytics Reports explains. “You may choose to exclude the anonymous information from your accounts from these reports. Please log in to each one of your accounts to opt-out.”
To bail out of AT&T’s plans, simply head to the web page, log in and select which accounts you want removed.

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