Flying Over LA

Love my city! This is a cool three minutes hovering over LA! (BTW honey – don’t those quadcopters look like a great birthday gift??) 🙂

Spend Three Minutes Flying Over LA On a Sunny Day

Friday, July 19, 2013, by Eve Bachrach

On the one hand, the ethics of strapping a camera onto a remote-controlled baby helicopter and flying it around the city are murky at best. On the other hand, this video’s pretty sweet. Let’s just focus on the latter for a minute, shall we? Redditor Diccfish shot this video above Hollywood, Silver Lake, and the beach on a gorgeous sunny day, and got some nice shots of the Capitol Records building, the madness at Drai’s at the W Hollywood, a quick peek into the Jim Henson Studios on La Brea, and much else besides. Just what your summer Friday afternoon needs–dreamy shots of fun in the sun, with a side of privacy concerns.

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