ivee Sleek: Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant

Kickstarter is fun. I have been involved with a dozen or so – and all made it successfully to delivery (not all do). I enjoy seeing a dream come all the way to actual product and I am patient.

One that I just backed once again blew through it’s numbers (they wanted to raise $40K and got 4 times that) on Kickstarter (although not like one of my favorites: Pebble wanted to raise $100,000 and got $10,000,000!)

Take a look at ivee and think Siri for your home:

Our world is changing, and already there are thermostats, door locks, security systems, light bulbs, and even vacuums that are connected to the Internet. How do we control all these devices? How do you manage your “Internet of Things”?

ivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant for the home that helps you manage and control your connected devices without any hands. In addition, ivee helps you set reminders, wakes you up on time, and even fetches live Internet content (like weather, stocks, and news) that is relevant to you. Our goal is to create a simpler and more natural way of interfacing with the Internet and your smart home.

We want to deliver the virtual assistant experience that you’ve been dreaming about for years. 

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