Whoa, new feature alert: Forget highways, cruise these byways

You might remember my DLT post about

Roadtrippers Helps You Find Great Attractions Between Points A and B

Well the good folks at Roadtripper just added a cool new feature

Forget highways, cruise these byways

Roadtrippers Forget highways, cruise these byways

To me, it doesn’t get much better than cruising America’s backroads and scenic byways.

In fact, we love it so much, we just had to build a new feature for Roadtrippers: scenic drives. Yup, now you can add short drives to your trip (and static points of interest)! Just head to the fancy new ‘Scenic Drives’ category under Find Places and see how rad it is for yourself. For your added convenience, here’s a huge button you should press if you like scenic drives…




And just to make sure you’re feelin’ it, we sent out some dude named Joel to timelapse the Columbia River Scenic Byway in Oregon, complete with awe-inspiring waterfalls! Click below for an eyeball massage…

Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon from Roadtrippers on Vimeo.

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