Be afraid. Be very afraid…

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Seventeen years ago, a group of teenagers spent the weekend in a cabin in the woods and found this Huge Button of Horrifyingly Haunted Halloween Happenings. After opening the button they unleashed an unspeakable evil unto the world. I’m talkin’ redneck zombies, hipster vampires, and suburban poltergeists. It was only after the Huge Button of Horrifyingly Haunted Halloween Happenings was closed did the evil return from whence it came.  So, before clicking on this Huge Button of Horrifyingly Haunted Halloween Happenings we suggest you consult a young priest and an old priest.
Be afraid. Be very afraid...

Some highlights: When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. See for yourself at one of these Zombie Walks! Or why not spend the night in one of America’s most haunted hotels? Whatever your pleasure, sharpen your fangs, iron your cape and dust off your broom with this Huge Button of Horrifyingly Haunted Halloween Happenings. img

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