Don’t Peel Your Oranges – Unroll Them!

This is a fun easy food hack to make it easier to eat Oranges – reports that it works well with Clementines and Mandarin oranges as well! Details from JewelPie:

Easy way to eat mandarin oranges (without peeling!)

It’s Chinese New Year today! There will be much food to eat, red packets to give/receive, fire crackers to light and mandarin oranges to peel!

mandarin orange chain

Let us show you an easy, fast and cute way to peel your mandarin orange. Peeling with your fingers are unnecessary. Use a knife instead. It’ll help make your manicure last longer too.


Easy Way To Peel Mandarin Orange

Cut both sides of the mandarin orange (1, 2). Remember not to cut too much into it to avoid cutting the flesh. Cut a slit (3) and gently roll the orange out in a strip (4).

mandarin orange

It is as simple as that. Now you have your mandarin orange in a long strip!

mandarin orange chain

mandarin orange chain


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