You Won’t Believe This Video! Jeb Corliss at his Best!

Oh WOW! The Swiss – this guy is amazing!
Absolutely in HD Fullscreen (nice music as well!)

From Gizmodo:

A year ago, BASE jumper Jeb Corliss defied death by jumping off a mountain in Switzerland wearing only his wing-suit and five GoPro cameras. A few days ago he processed some of his video through Twixtor. The crystal-clear results are insane.

Twixtor is an artificial video speed software filter that works in programs like After Effects and Final Cut Pro. It analyzes footage, estimating motion and creating new frames as needed out of pure magic, speeding up or slowing down your video. I’m in awe. [YouTube and Twixtor via Petapixel]

Now take a look at this from last year too:

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.

Jeb Corliss has created a highlight reel of his greatest wingsuit stunts, and the results are electrifying. Watch him fly through the air like some literal batman, narrowly avoiding cliffs, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, and certain demise.

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