New Tech Hubs in the U.S.

Techhubs: everyone is trying to find where the next one will be! From SpareFoot we take a look at

8 Up-and-Coming Tech Hubs in the U.S.

BY    MARCH 6, 2014

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Since SpareFoot is a proud member of Austin’s tech community, it’s safe to say that we think Silicon Hills is the best tech hub in the country. That’s our not-so-unbiased opinion. Yet we’d be foolish to shrug off the other major tech hubs in the U.S. like Silicon Valley, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Raleigh, NC.

Along those lines, we also can’t ignore America’s emerging tech hubs–the aspiring Silicon Valleys. In this infographic, SpareFoot shines the spotlight on eight up-and-coming tech hubs. Do any of the places in our roundup surprise you?

Tech Hubs Infographic
Courtesy of: SpareFoot
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