‘Cloud Island’

So gorgeous in black and white!

Short film shot at the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in June 2014.

In colabaration with Pathgate Institute we produced a series of images to be used in an upcoming remake of the Buddhist film ‘The Life of Guru Rinpoche.’ The film is still in production but this short film showcases a selection of the time lapse photography shots as well as video footage shot from a quadcopter.

For the film, the sequences are being processed in a 3D space so that mountain ranges and sky replacement can be added in order to emulate Tibet and the Himalyan region. This is an ongoing project with more shooting locations being planned.

All shot in Isle of Skye over 5 days in June 2014 except one shot at Red Tarn, Lake District.

Time lapse photography – Jonny Maxfield
Aerial Cinematography – Loday Gonpo
Editor – Jonny Maxfield
Music – Luke Richards – It’s Happening

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