Tastes of Wine

These are some cool and easy tools for helping you learn more about wine – from Quora we get this question and answer:

Is there a simple way to explore and learn about the tastes of wine?

Madeline Puckette, Certified Sommelier

I’m very interested in this topic and have produced a variety of different visuals to try to help people understand how wine tastes.   There are many different ways to visualize wine.  Here are a few:

Where a wine lies compared to other wines.  The design above I created was derived from a tasting graph seen at Vino Volo

An example of it in action in How to Order Wine Like a Sommelier | Wine Folly

Another visualization is for the standard flavors of each wine variety or blend.  Such as:

used in Discover White Bordeaux | Wine Folly

Here is a recent image created for Chardonnay ripeness

used in Chardonnay Wine Guide | Wine Folly

Here is a comparative way to regard a single variety

used in Guide to Merlot Wine Taste, Regions and Food Pairing

Here is a way to visualize location

Used in The Best Pinot Noir Regions in the World | Wine Folly

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