Quickly Preserve Fresh Herbs in the Microwave

I buy and even grow many of our fresh herbs. This technique is great for saving them! From Food and Wine we see

How to Dry Herbs in the Microwave

If you like having fresh herbs around, but can’t use them up before they wilt, use your microwave to quickly dry them.

Lay the fresh herbs on a dry paper towel, then microwave them at 20 second intervals—flip them at every interval until they’re dried. This method is especially useful if you want to dry your herbs quickly so you can store them for future use rather than have them hanging around.

Set up Your Medical ID on your iPhone

I just did this and it is VERY easy! You should too! AppleInsider gives us simple steps on

How to set up your emergency Medical ID with iOS 8’s new Health app

One of the lesser known — but potentially most important — features of Apple’s newly released iOS 8 mobile operating system is a digital “Medical ID,” which can provide important personal health related information in the event of an emergency.

The Medical ID feature is built in to the new Health application found in iOS 8 for iPhone. Users can configure it by launching Health, tapping the Medical ID menu in the bottom right, and then choosing “Create Medical ID.”

iPhone users with a passcode-locked handset can consider enabling the “Show When Locked” function, providing first responders or anyone else with emergency access to their Medical ID. Enabling this feature allows the Medical ID to be viewed by swiping the lock screen, tapping “Emergency,” and then viewing the digital information.

A user’s Medical ID can be configured with a custom picture and name, date of birth, list of medical conditions, notes, allergies, reactions and medications. It also allows users to display an emergency contact with name, telephone number, and relationship.

The Medical ID also allows users to enter their blood type, height and weight, and whether they are an organ donor. And if someone changes their mind about having such information available from their lock screen, all of the Medical ID information can be deleted via one button at the bottom of the editing page.

After the Medical ID has been created, users can always go back and make changes at any time through the Health app.

Medical ID is just one function of the new Health application in iOS 8, which aims to become a centralized repository for all of a user’s health information, whether input manually or automatically collected through iPhone accessories.

The more advanced Health functions with connected applications and accessories have not yet gone live, as Apple apparently encountered last-minute bugs with its new HealthKit application programming interface tools for developers. Apple abruptly began pulling HealthKit-enabled applications from the App Store last week, alongside the launch of iOS 8, indicating that a formal launch for Health-compatible apps would come at a later date.

For more features and functions in iOS 8, see AppleInsider’s ongoing iOS Tips series.

Supercharge Your Microwave

Microwave’s are great things. Now here are some interesting ideas to get even more out of that little science box in your kitchen – from MakeUseOf:

You Won’t Believe The Things You Can Do With A Microwave

A microwave is great for certain kinds of foods. For example, when you want to make some frozen pizza rolls, a microwave will do the job very well.But what if you want to make scrambled eggs? A microwave couldn’t possibly do that. You can’t use a microwave to make garlic easy to peel. right? Wrong, your microwave can do all that and more!

big   You Wont Believe The Things You Can Do With A Microwave

Tastes of Wine

These are some cool and easy tools for helping you learn more about wine – from Quora we get this question and answer:

Is there a simple way to explore and learn about the tastes of wine?

Madeline Puckette, Certified Sommelier

I’m very interested in this topic and have produced a variety of different visuals to try to help people understand how wine tastes.   There are many different ways to visualize wine.  Here are a few:

Where a wine lies compared to other wines.  The design above I created was derived from a tasting graph seen at Vino Volo

An example of it in action in How to Order Wine Like a Sommelier | Wine Folly

Another visualization is for the standard flavors of each wine variety or blend.  Such as:

used in Discover White Bordeaux | Wine Folly

Here is a recent image created for Chardonnay ripeness

used in Chardonnay Wine Guide | Wine Folly

Here is a comparative way to regard a single variety

used in Guide to Merlot Wine Taste, Regions and Food Pairing

Here is a way to visualize location

Used in The Best Pinot Noir Regions in the World | Wine Folly