Animal Hybrids – Too Scary or Too Cute?

Oh wow. I’m not sure, but this certainly is clever! From PetaPixel we get

Photoshop Artist Creates Wacky Animal Hybrids that are Mostly Cute and Sometimes Terrifying


Photoshop artist and photographer Sarah DeRemer likes animals, but she doesn’t like them just the way they are. Sure, a seal is cute… and a pug is cute… but why settle on that when your Photoshop skills will let you create what she has dubbed a ‘Speal’?

DeRemer, for her part, never settles. And so, for her series of Hybrid Animals, she mixes together species that from opposite sides of the animal kingdom to create sometimes strange, sometimes cuddly, and sometimes terrifying (I’m looking at you… Shider) animals of her very own.

“I started creating hybrid animals as a way to improve my Photoshop skills,” she wrote recently on Bored Panda. “I find it fun to mix animals, especially when it creates a startling juxtaposition such as a ferocious animal on a cute and tiny one.”

What started as an exercise for the Hybrid Animals subreddit (yes… there is such a thing) has now become a fun hobby and led to quite the collection of hybrid creatures with odd names:







Highland Red Pandow





Tapir Shark



Another Speal

If you’d like to see more, or check out DeRemer’s really fun Animal Food hybrids, head over to her Facebook page and give her a like.

Candy and Wine Pairing

From one of my favorite wine apps (Vivino) we get this great infographic on

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy

Nobody likes messing up their food and wine pairings. It can ruin your food, your friendships, and worse yet, your wine.

With Halloween just around the corner, we know you’re stressing about pairing wine with candy. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

With this easy-to-use infographic, you can find out which wines work with which candies, so you know just the wines and candies to indulge in this October.

Amazing Vocal Ranges

Wow – that a look at this and interact (click on it) with it to see – from

The Vocal Ranges of the World’s Greatest Singers

The Vocal Ranges of the World

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

This interactive visualization compares the vocal ranges of todays top singers with the greatest of all time. – See more at:

Cub Scouts Honor

Awesome candid amatuer photos from National Geographic

‘Cub Scouts Honor’

'Cub Scouts Honor'.

Photo and caption by Kevin Dietrich / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest / Via

“While watching her mother dive for salmon in the frigid glacier water of the Crescent River this young brown bear cub couldn’t contain her excitement and stood up on her rear legs and politely made a waving direction towards me. In a matter of one hour this young cub ate several salmon that were provided by her intelligent and fearless mother. Deep in the Alaskan wilderness this brown bear family provided my favorite image of the year.”

Location: Alaska-Chigmit Mountains

Sabrage (Sabering) Champagne

Some dear friends of mine know how to do this! SO very cool! Take a look at this fun and informative video from Sploid on

How to open a bottle of champagne with a sword and science

How to open a bottle of champagne with a sword and science

People don’t keep a saber in the kitchen drawer, but opening a champagne bottle with a sword is so cool that it should be mandatory—at least—in every single restaurant. Here’s food star Alton Brown showing you how you do it and why this method works so well.

Elephant Seals on a Lazy Day

This is great – I liked the gif and loved the short video. Very clever and I agree with the author – I am the one on the right :). From Sploid we see

These two animated elephant seals basically explain life on a lazy day

These two animated elephant seals basically explain life on a lazy day

That stupid bird—it could be a mosquito, a fly, the hot wind, plans I don’t want to follow up on, a lost remote, commercials, pop up ads, a computer fan running, whatever—that keeps bothering me when all I want to do is nothing and not move and never think is the absolute worst. These two CGI pinnipeds capture that unwavering commitment to do nothing so perfectly.

Victor Caire shared his first 3D animated short and it makes me want to shut down for the rest of the week. I’m the one on the right, by the way.

Pinnipèdes from Victor Caire on Vimeo.