WP Pinner – now this is cool! (and early beta invites available)!

You all know my excitement for Pinterest (<– click there) – it IS fun! (You can follow me on Pinterest too: dcpdad). There are several ways to “pin” from blogs directly to Pinterest, but now there is a more automated and professional way of having your blog posts show up on Pinterest!

WP Pinner

If you are interested in trying out WP Pinner – please leave a comment or drop me an email. I will help you get into the next beta round invite group!

Huge productivity and control with WP Pinner! Take a look at these details and videos from WP Pinner:

The Ultimate Pinterest dashboard inside your own WordPress admin area

WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin to manage your Pinterest account. With this plugin you can easily auto-pin WordPress postsschedule your pins throughout the day, auto-follow users to get noted and keep track of your account (CTR, clicks, likes, repins, reach, etc). This will definitely help you to get more out of your Pinterest efforts!

You know what’s best? It’s 100% free and it’s running from your own WordPress admin which means less work and full control. Why not use it?


So, what’s the story behind WP Pinner? Some of it is already summarized in other blogposts, but not everything.

We are two WordPress fanatics who only started using Pinterest about a month ago (yes, we’re late to the party). We were surprised there wasn’t any (good) way of managing your Pinterest account so we decide to start building an “All-In-One” WordPress plugin to auto-pin blogposts, schedule pins, follow users and keep track of all statistics such as likes, repins, followers and traffic stats.

When Pinerly started to take over the blogosphere a few weeks ago we were a bit shocked (there’s quite an overlap), but soon enough we realized there’s a huge demand for a self-hosted system so users can manage their Pinterest account(s) from their WordPress admin. Besides we have some features they won’t be able to replicate, such as auto-pinning (WordPress) posts.

So far we’ve been proven right: even though the plugin hasn’t been released yet, 2,254 people have shown interest in this plugin so far!

We’ve created a simple video that shows the current state of the plugin.Please don’t hold the quality of the video against us. We’re WordPress fanatics, not video fanatics ;)  

Happy pinning!

Wilco & Mark

We offer this plugin for free and we don’t ask any donations etc, but we do ask you to help spread the word.. So if you’re reading this, would you mind sending a blogpost or tweet out? Thanks!

We love Pinterest! Truly, we think it’s a great new platform which has a lot of potential. However, ever since we started using Pinterest we noticed there are some flaws in their system.. For starters, there’s no good way of having insights in your statistics. Yes, you can see how many repins and likes a certain pin has, but how did that evolve over time? What’s the total reach? How much traffic did you actually get from that pin?

That’s just one of the flaws we noticed. We decided to take action and start building a great tool that would solve all these issues. The perfect Pinterest management system, so to speak. A system that would not only get you new insights, but should also have features that will help you get more followers and post new content, for example.

Since we’re also WordPress fanatics, we decided to create a WordPress plugin to do this. You might be thinking: “Aren’t there already Pinterest plugins for WordPress?” Yes, there are. But these are all front-end plugins to make it easier for your user to pin an image to their Pinterest account. There’s no plugin out there that is able to give you detailed statistics regarding your pins and account, nor do other plugins have the capability to auto-post WordPress posts to Pinterest.

Like the title says, the game is ON! We’re working hard on this plugin, and hoping to release the first beta version really-really soon!

Talk soon,

Wilco & Mark

The Anatomy of a Perfect Website

Now I need to take a look at DanLikesThis to make sure I am integrating some of these ideas!

From ROIMedia:

The Anatomy of a perfect Website

Websites need a formula – a vivid blueprint that painstakingly weaves technicality, design and detail into something iconic and memorable. Without it, most wouldn’t function for more than a moment and they certainly wouldn’t impress. You may have navigation and usability down, but in today’s fast paced climate you’ll crash and burn without social media. What about SEO, where would it be without content? These are all the things we have to consider, if we are to succeed – from vital tracking and analytics to the often disregarded footer, every detail oils the machine. With that in mind, we bring you the Anatomy of a Perfect Website…

Update on: Dan REALLY Likes This!

Well, the past several months sure have been exciting (and those that know me personally will understand even more – awesome, best-of-life chaos!). I just wanted to update you all on where this little blog of mine is going – specifically where in the world people are from that have enjoyed my Likes :).


Several weeks ago I thanked you all for what I was blown-away with: Dan REALLY Likes This!


Well, it exploded even more! So instead of just showing you a map of our United States of America, check this out:


Now showing in more than 43 countries!


I am still looking for something that will be DanLiked in places such as:
    • both Dakota’s (yep, still need help there!)
    • Idaho
    • many parts of Africa
    • many parts of South America
    • Greenland AND Iceland
So if you know of anything special, please let me know! 🙂 
And thanks sincerely again!

10 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Interesting list!
(Disclaimer: the 2nd item listed does NOT include DLT! although looking at the box on the right of the infographic makes me think………).
Also, I have done the sixth item (thank you True Food Kitchen – yummm!) and the seventh item (no – not for that profession!) but I don’t get dollars for my platelet/blood/plasma: they do let me eat ice cream for breakfast after my donation! Yea Hoag Blood Donor Services!

Make Money With Zaarly

From Zaarly:

Disregard the 9% unemployment rate; one does not need a “real” job to make money. Zaarly has figured out several ways to cash-in — no pyramid scheme necessary.

Can you sing? Perform illusions? Work your magic on a popular street corner and prepare to rake in $15-$70 an hour, depending on the day. Not an extrovert? Hole up with your laptop and think of a blog – if your idea can rival the likes Perez Hilton and Smashing Magazine, you’ll be making six-figures in no time. Not confident in your skills? Bodily fluids can score you hundreds a month!

Utilize your community to make money: walk dogs, do yard work or tutor students. Each of these endeavors will put your wallet in the double, or triple digits.

For more ways to supplement your funemployment, check out the infographic above.

Dan REALLY Likes This!

Wow!  Since I started this little “keep my family happy by not sending them emails every 1.75 hours with things I like” blog last month (otherwise known as Dan Likes This!), it has reached many more people than just family!  Thank you, THANK YOU!

To date, my site has attracted visitors from 34 of our states (and over 13 countries).  Thanks to each and every one of you.  I vow to keep you happy while racking my brain to find something that both Dakotas will like.

If there’s anything I can do to make your experience more enjoyable, as always, just let me know!

Sincerely and like-ably–

Be sure to check out some of my favorites here!

Cloud Tag

I love these Cloud Tag things. Someone nice made one for me:

And I use one in Dan Likes This that is cool (called WP-Cumulus). You can find it under the Categories on the right side of my blog.

Did you know this is the mathematic formula that is used to create some Cloud Tags?

s_i = \left \lceil \frac{f_{\mathrm{max}}\cdot(t_i - t_{\mathrm{min}})}{t_{\mathrm{max}}-t_{\mathrm{min}}} \right \rceil for ti > tmin; else si = 1

    • si: display fontsize
    • fmax: max. fontsize
    • ti: count
    • tmin: min. count
    • tmax: max. count